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The best part of what we do!


Success Stories

One of the most rewarding aspects of what we do is when one of our horses, who we have nurtured, perhaps rehabilitated, and trained, is adopted and finds a loving home, a new future, and a new life!

Our heartfelt thanks go out to the families who have adopted our Alums and have given them a second chance.

If you’re interested in adopting one of our horses, click here for more information.

Below are some of our horses who have been adopted. 

Click on their image to learn more.

The ATHA Herd

Apollo 'Buddy'

Bean 'Striker Bean"

'Bourbon' Hello Bourbon

Cisco 'Brads Storm Time'

Concerto 'Evening Concerto'

Dancer 'Dancer's Notes

Dark 'Dark and Deep'

Decar 'Decar Run'

Edie 'Charybdis'

Elka 'Lakshmimahagansm'

Fannie 'Fly Fannie Fly'

'Ferrero' Sandyneck

Finn 'Inconceivable'

Fannie 'Fly Fannie Fly'

'Flash' Squarecut

Halee 'Halee's Bliss'

Jack 'Jackhammer'

'Jaden' Quetzel Green

'Loretta' Copabella

'Majestic' Majestic Kiss

'Mark' Airborne Mark

'Max' El Maximo

'Mojo' Positive Mojo

'Moon' Adriatic Moon


'Patty' Hong Kong Flew

'Proud' Make Us Proud

'Reno' Front Runner

'Revenge' I Am Revenge

'Rhett' Lee's Gold


'Rocky' Classic Hard Top

'Sasha' Shashanmahaganrand

'Sunny' Artois Sunset

'Talk' Talkity Talk

'Trinity' Two Dollars To Win

Victory for Ce

'Talk' Talkity Talk

'Trinity' Two Dollars To Win

'Vinny' Viviendo El Sueno

'Winnie' Winning Looks

'Wyatt' Why Him