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As of July 2023, we have adopted out 80 of our horses, and we currently have 20 in our herd at our facility in Desert Hills. The horses are in various stages of our aftercare program. As they become ready, we look forward to finding their perfect match and new forever homes.

When we originally started in 2011, we solely depended on foster homes.

Dannielle Marturana

Within a couple of years, we went on to lease a 2-acre property so that we could have all our horses together in one location. 

We procured grants to give our horses shade, turnouts, exercising/training areas, and with the additional assistance of private sponsors and donors, to give our horses all the aftercare and veterinary support they need. All our shades and corrals are portable so we could move them to a permanent location.  

In July 2017, we launched a Capital Campaign in order to secure the purchase of our permanent home on a neighboring 5-acre site. We were successfully able to acquire this property and in October 2017, with the help of many volunteers, we moved our entire herd, fencing panels, stalls, and shades.

Our primary goal is always the health and well being of the horses in our care. We have a strong and vibrant 5-member Board supported by an Advisory Council consisting of our veterinarian, Dr. Stacey Sickler, our holistic equine health services provider, Cori Deltoro, and our horse trainer, Ben Monarque. We have a dedicated, enthusiastic and supportive base of volunteers.

I look forward to welcoming you to our family of horse lovers united by the common goal of finding the loving home these superb athletes so richly deserve.

Dannielle Marturana

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Protecting the legacy of former racehorses through reconditioning, retraining, and re-homing

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Visiting the Ranch without an appointment is strictly prohibited for your safety and the safety of the horses.

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