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Decar and Proud

When Sandy Neck, now named Ferrero, came to us, he was withdrawn and would pin his ears when approached by other horses. Then Buddy, now named Apollo, arrived. After a colic, he was unable to gain weight, so he was lethargic. 

As these two horses started to thrive, we realized they were both gentle, kind and non-assertive. So when they were strong enough, we decided to put them together. They trusted each other and became inseparable – eating, drinking, and playing together! 

Our ultimate dream was that they would be adopted together. And our dream came true when a family who volunteered at the ranch adopted Ferrero for mom, Conny, and Apollo for daughter, Amanda. This was a win-win outcome for all!


Sponsor a Horse!

If you’re so inclined, you can sponsor a Horse!

My care costs about $650 per month, but every little bit helps, and we’re grateful for every donation.

If you sponsor a horse, you can come visit the ranch, by appointment.