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Tina Vail

Vice President & Director of Volunteer Services

Tina Vail & Cowboy

I joined the ATHA Board when I became the volunteer coordinator, I really felt connected and wanted to make a positive impact on our volunteers and directors. I feel very compassionate about what we do and what better way to show that then being on the board of directors.  I think that being on the front line with the volunteers and listening to their input and taking that forward in a positive manner will be win-win for everyone and most of all for the herd.  

My superpower is intuitiveness. I have always possessed the quality of being easy, with the natural ability to learn, use and understand what is right.

In my spare time, I take horseback riding lessons on my trusty steed Lilly. You can find me working on simple crafts like restoring broken or weathered windchimes or rock painting, (I have lots of great shaped rocks in my yard). I also like taking care of my outdoor and indoor house plants. I have several  avocado and lime trees that I started from seed. I like going to our favorite Mexican food restaurant and trying out new restaurants. Last but not least, decorating my house, inside and out, depending on what holiday or season it is.

I am inspired by those who can, and do, and those who can no longer do, and teach.  I am inspired by someone who is physically or mentally challenged and overcomes that to aspire to a level that they thought was impossible. I am inspired by anyone who is not afraid to ask. What is the worst thing that can happen? You get a no answer… or better yet, you may get a yes… That is how I met the President of the United States by asking his communications director, “How does one get invited to this event?” The next thing I know, I am getting a call late in the night from the Secret Service with directions to a pick-up point for the event, true story. That inspired me not to be afraid to ask.

I can’t live without my family and yorkies. Yorkshire Terriers are the best. If you are down on your luck or even just need an occasional shoulder to cry on or a sounding board, your family will always be there. I have 9 brothers and sisters and 3 children, that is an extensive support system. A family will always be there to see that you are loved and supported.

Yorkies will be there for everything else. They love unconditionally. I have had 6 yorkies in my lifetime. Two of which I still have. I love this breed due to the fact that they do not shed and are hypoallergenic. I did discover that they can tend to be neurotic. At least some of mine were/are. Our male yorkie, Tucker, I believe was a human at one time and came back as a dog. I kid you not, he thinks like a human and acts like a dog.  We love them both though.

My credentials are: 

  • AS in Business Management from Moorpark Community Collage

  • Employed with a multimillion-dollar Tele-Communications company as a field tech, engineer and Project Coordinator (42 yrs.)

Near and dear to my heart:

I am genuinely interested in the happiness of people. I found my new happiness in volunteering and being able to work with such wonderful caring people. I find great happiness in being able to be a part of these horses’ rehabilitation, retraining and adoption. I told my husband when I retired that I wanted to volunteer at a pet rescue. I chose ATHA because it is a horse rescue and it would be harder to sneak a horse into the house than a dog. Plus, I love the work that ATHA is doing.

I hope to someday go to Ireland with my husband. Covid kind of put the brakes on that for now. We do love vacations, so Ireland is not off the table yet. Don’t worry, I am not going to kiss the Blarney Stone! 

I love Mexican food. I hope someday to learn how to make a decent tamale. I did make a valiant effort to undertake this phenomenon called tamale making but fell short and ended up with a soupy masa, corn husk mess. Oh, somewhere in that mess was green chili and cheese. 

My best childhood memory was riding my sister’s best friend’s Paint horse back to the stable in Santa Barbara with no experience whatsoever of how to ride. Thank heavens that there was little to no traffic on the main street that afternoon. Once Sabrina got wind of where she was going there was no stopping her. Luckily, she got me there all in one piece.

I drive a 2010 red Corvette. My love for the Corvette came at the tender age of 14. My sister dated a person who had a 1969 canary yellow Corvette Stingray and from then on, I decided that someday I will have a Corvette. It took 40 yrs. but I have the car of my dreams. However, I would trade a ride in my 350-horse-powered car for a ride on your horse-powered horse anytime!